Case Study

Boat dealer increases in-store sales and visitation from Facebook campaign


Our objective was to increase in-store sales of boats and tackle supplies at each location.


Boat Dealer


Facebook and Instagram


We executed two tactics to increase in store sales. The first was to help push customers along the sales funnel by importing and managing the client’s lead list and delivering sequential campaigns across social media. The second tactic was to target potential customers based on online behavioral and location-based data.


12 months


What was the impact?

The campaign yielded a 3.34% CTR and a significant increase in visitation and budget.


What did the client have to say?

“For many years our company has had a strong digital presence including excellent direct and organic internet traffic. We knew that putting more focus on our social media content was going to make a difference in our customer exposure and engagement. Exact approached us about the email match targeted audience.We gave them examples of creative and they took off with it. Immediately the campaigns resulted in increased leads through our social media channels, especially Facebook. They drove more traffic to our website which lead to more form fills, more calls and more sales. Overall, we have been extremely satisfied with Exact, their team and their methods.”