Our History

We've seen it all

Over it’s 40-year history, the Wireless Group Inc. has built its reputation by serving listeners, readers, and viewers with content that‘s compelling and entertaining. Our ad customers appreciate our commitment to their return on investment.

Today, Wireless Group Inc. owns or is involved in the operations of properties that include radio and TV broadcasting, newspaper, magazine publishing and digital ad solutions.

Our company is headquartered in Brownsville, Tennessee and has owned WNWS/WTBG, Brownsville since 1978. Other radio stations the company has owned include WNWS-FM, Jackson, Tennessee and WTNE/WWEZ, Trenton, Tennessee. It publishes the Brownsville Press newspaper, Brownsville, Tennessee, and America’s only fishing industry business-to-business magazine, Fishing Tackle Retailer, and fishing media news wire service, The Fishing Wire. The company also represents TV fisherman Bill Dance, managing his television sponsorships and personal endorsement agreements.

Exact Marketing was established in 2016.

Our Mission

Where we're headed

Exact Marketing meets our clients exactly where they need us. Our trained team of marketing experts combines media channel knowledge with ROI driven solutions to create media plans that hit the target every time. Our goal is to provide cutting edge capabilities with the pricing, performance, and turnaround time of self serve along with the ease and expertise of managed service to businesses of any scale – from local mom and pop shops to Fortune 500 companies.


work with us



Location: Remote, USA

Wanted: A driven, enthusiastic individual who likes to put themselves out there. This person has strong verbal and written communication skills. They are highly organized and collaborate well with others. Open to all levels of experience.

Our people

Meet our team leaders

Carlton Veirs

Brownsville, TN

President of Wireless Group Inc., parent company of Exact Marketing LLC

CFO (Chief Fishing Officer)

Our company, founded in 1978, participates in the radio and TV broadcasting industry, magazine and newspaper publishing and, since its early days, in various categories of digital mediaHis passion is making sure Exact’s customers are so pleased they love us. To Carlton, recurring business means we have done our job and secures repeat customers for Exact.

Out of the office, Carlton’s rescue dog is always by his side and his fishing rod is never far away. 

Matthew Wade

Nashville, TN


Foodie. Sports Enthusiast.

Matthew Wade is a marketing professional and a business visionary. His 15 years of experience in the media world have cultivated a strong sense of leadership and integrity that he brings to every Exact venture. 

Matthew enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and trying new food. He also has a fondness of self-help books and would love to share his self-help book rankings. 

Larry Wood

Nashville, TN


University of Tennessee Football fan

Larry encouraged Wireless Group Inc. to enter the digital space, launching the genesis of Exact Marketing. Even after 5 decades in media, he is still energized about change. Larry Wood’s career in the advertising business began at age 12 at a radio station owned by his dad in Dyersburg Tennessee. He has managed radio formats ranging from classic rock to news/talk. He was the general manager of one of the first FM news/talk start-ups in the United States, building its local programming into a ratings powerhouse in every day part.

Larry has a deep respect for the people he works with every day, especially the advertising clients he serves. Over his 50+ year career, he has built and managed sales teams that always exceed expectation. In his downtime, Larry loves learning and cheerfully strums the guitar (with a lot of room for improvement!). 

Jill Strittmatter

Pittsburgh, PA

Director of Programmatic Strategy

Yoga Boss: Balancing Work, Life and Warrior Poses

Bringing over a decade of focused expertise in digital marketing, Jill spearheads our programmatic strategy teamHer professional journey includes media firms, marketing agencies and an SSP, enriching her skills. 

Jill finds fulfillment in family moments, her yoga regimen, and active involvement in church volunteeringNotably, her favorite lunch is air-fried sardines, a testament to her unique taste preference

Zoe zaleski Faught

Brownsville, TN

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Gourmet Guru

Zoe Faught has been a dedicated employee for 15 years, and is renowned for her passion for mathematics, culinary expertise, and love for literature and crime dramas. 

Alongside a decade-long marriage to her beloved husband, she envisions a future homestead where she can cultivate a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Tasha Grantham

Jackson, Mississippi

Account Executive

Indy Music Enthusiast, Number Lover, Spoiler of Grandchildren

With an extensive background in business administration and marketing, Tasha takes pride in building strong client relationships and thrives on dividing budgets into winning campaign strategies that result in exponential growth for those she represents.

In her family life, Tasha takes her title of “Lolli” very seriously and believes that it is her solemn duty in life to ensure that her granddaughters are thoroughly and completely spoiled, and she makes no apologies for it. She also owns a chubby Beagle named Scout who has a terrible snoring problem.  

Paul Funk

Pittsburg, PA

Account Executive

College football expert

With a comprehensive background spanning various advertising mediums including print, radio, television, and digital platforms, Paul is a seasoned expert in sales and marketing. Bringing extensive experience to the table, he excels in every aspect of the marketing process, from the initial client meeting to review of analytics. Known for coordinating digital marketing campaigns for a diverse clientele, Paul is dedicated to driving results and exceeding expectations. And admits to watching Gas Station TV Videos while filling up.

Outside of work, he enjoys live music, hiking, yoga, paddleboarding and college football.

Megan Grimmett-Norris

Charlotte, NC

Account Executive

Wannabe (home) chef. Dog lover.

With an extensive agency and media sales background, Megan brings a unique perspective to her clientsdigital marketing strategy, driving both demand and growth. 

Her passions (outside of selling digital media, of course) include spending time with her family and dog, traveling anywhere with a beach or snow, and testing out new recipes in the kitchen.   

Katie Renn

Louisville, KY

Programmatic Strategy Manager.

Hobby Hobgoblin. Optimist

Katie Renn is a passionate marketing professional with an arts background. She earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and entered the marketing field as a graphic designer. Now, she works as a digital media buyer with a particular interest in social media growth, trends, and ads landscapes.  

Katie spends a lot of time playing cooperative video games, board games, and table-top roleplaying games; she also spends considerable time learning new crafting hobbies. Katie lives in Louisville, KY with her fiancée (Matt Green), dog (Milo), and cat (Teddy B).  

Jake Grieco

Pittsburgh, PA

Programmatic Strategy Manager

Animal person. Night owl.

Jake Grieco is a dedicated professional with a passion for digital marketing and business development. His background equips him with diverse marketing strategies honed across B2C, B2B, and non-profit landscapes. 

You will often find Jake golfing, where he can disconnect and recharge. He’s always eager to learn new things, develop new skills, and work alongside others who share his vision of making a positive difference in the world. 

Vanessa Baisas

Louisville, KY

Account Executive

Future Avenger

Vanessa Baisas is a Kentucky native with a passion for storytelling and its impact on engaging audiences across digital platforms.

Meeting new people over a glass of Kentucky’s finest beverage is her cherished pastime. When not enjoying Marvel movies, the melodies of her vinyl collection or cheering on favorite teams, you can find Vanessa spending quality time with her furry companions – Bonzo (her dog) and Hades (her cat). Let us cheers to celebrate the harmonies of life, the thrill of competition, and the warmth of genuine companionship! 

Kiersten Man

Nashville, TN

Creative Strategist

Design Wizard

With a background in Visual Communications, Kiersten is well-rounded in all things advertising and graphic design. She thrives at discovering creative solutions that bridge the gap between visual interest and information. Her goal is to always use these skills to bring a positive impact to her team. 

Away from the desk, you can often find her working on passion projects, drawing, singing (off-key)  or reading really long fantasy books.